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As a class teacher, I’m responsible to facilitate and guide my students to pump in their effort in beautifying and decorating the classroom. I drove all the way to Seremban after school to purchase some of the materials from a shop that I used to visit when I was younger. I wanted to get some papers from Saudagar Kertas. I still remember that Auntie, her smile and she doesn’t age.

As I was asking for her recommendations for affordable materials, we started to carry a genuine conversation.

Auntie: You cikgu sekolah rendah?

Me: Bukan auntie, saya sekolah menengah

Auntie: Owh sekolah menengah pon masih mahu cikgu beli ka? Apa diorang tak tau beli?

Me: Owh saya ajar sekolah kampung. Tiada kedai best macam kedai auntie. Ada students pon tak mampu sangat mahu travel and beli jauh-jauh, so saya tolong kasi beli lah.

I then shared my stories. The hardship as a teacher who teaches underprivilaged kids in a challenging environment. I told her that I’ve students who can barely speak in English, I informed her that my Orang Asli kids sometimes skipped their meals cause they just can’t afford it, I let her know that my students can’t read, cant write and can’t even comprehand what they’ve read or wrote. Also my F3 kids who can’t memorize and calculate 5 times 8 correctly.

Auntie: Takpe, you buat baik sana mesti banyak dapat baik. Mesti ada dapat petai semua kan?

I continued responding accordingly. I told her about a buka puasa session that I had at my kid’s house with only petai, ikan masin and some other kampung dishes; I told her about a slice of kek batik that my student gave me even when he’s from the last class in the form and a story of me sharing a sugarcane with my adorable kid.

Auntie: You buat saya bangga lah! Saya dalam hati ada rasa macam terharu. You’re a good teacher. I salute you!

Me: Eh auntie, I’ve done a little only. I should’ve done more.

Auntie: Eh you jangan cakap macam itu. Believe in what you’re doing. Not many people are willing to teach, in kampung some more

My sharing touched her. I could see that watery eyes of hers. And then…

Auntie: I tak boleh jadi cikgu, tapi I bangga dengan you. I give you some promotion.


She then charged a sugar paper for RM0.40 instead of RM0.50; She reduced 20 cents for every RM1 of the wrapping paper; she deducted few cents for a bottle of glue that I purchased. That’s lovely. Just lovely!!! I thanked her endlessly. Before I stepped out, one boy rushed in with a woman and brought her two bowls of sweet dessert. I teased the boy and said,

“Laoushe hel-ley lah. I can speak chinese er tien tien,”

All of them laughed and thanked me. Beautiful day.

I walked to my car and thought that I should snap a photo of her shop to share with some friends. So, I made a U-turn, parked and stepped in again.

Auntie: Eh, just now I chit chat with my friend about you. I said aiyyaaaa why am I so forgetful, I should help you. Now that you come back, how many orang asli kids do you have? I want to give a set of pencil case to them. I give you two dozens. Dont let them berebut ok. Pastikan semua dapat. Auntie mau ajar tak boleh, tapi aunti mau tolong. You with your way, I with my way.

I burst into tears. My eyes were read. I couldn’t contain myself. I could visualise all the happy face of my orang asli kids. It costs RM3 and she just donated RM72 worth of stationaries.

They may ask me to boycott the Chinese’s businesses, but they couldn’t force me to boycott nice kind people, I can’t ignore those who stands up and help the unfortunate. This auntie is a living proof that skin colour, belief, religion and race shouldn’t be a boundary to separate us Malaysian. I’m truly grateful.

To auntie, Thank You!
To Allah, Thank You for leading me to her.
To my kids, Alhamdulillah.
Rezeki korang lah weiyh.

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